Abundant seasonal fruits in Savio Bhavan

Abundant seasonal fruits in Savio Bhavan

AZIMGANJ, 11TH JUNE, (Theotimus Lakra) —  At the start of their one year preparatory programme, the pre-novices are blessed with seasonal fruits like mangoes, bananas, guavas, wood apple, black berry, black jamun, dates, papayasImage and jack fruit.

“The abundance of these fruits is attractive to everyone, even the crows, squirrels and also monkeys enjoy the delicious and juicy fruits,” says Fr Rector.

“People are very eager to have these mangoes and this year we have the biggest crop of the fruit comparing to the other years,” adds the Rector.

“It’s a luxurious fruit to be treasured and we express our gratitude to God”, says the captain of the house, Hansel Dutta.

“This plentiful fruit production is the blessing from the Almighty,” says one of the domestic staff Miss Parul.


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