Pre-novices celebrate Earth Day

Pre-novices celebrate Earth Day


AZIMGANJ, 11 June (Ram Murmu) – The new batch of pre-novices (2013-14 group) who returned to Savio Bhavan after a five week absence for their pre-novitiate prep course at Bandel thought up an idea to celebrate Earth Day, 5th June.

Starting on 4th June, 14 pre-novices fanned out to clean up the house, surrounding fields, toilets and all places of common use.

“The need of community was observed by the pre-novices themselves and they took initiative to clean up the house and toilets and other place to know the cleanliness of the house,” says Fr Rector.

“We worked with great enthusiasm and eagerness,” says one of the pre-novices.

Another one adds, “on the day we celebrate earth day it is nice to clean our house to be part of the community as well as feel at home.”

Another candidate Junash says, “if we want to have sound hygiene we need to keep clean ourselves and the surrounding where we live.”



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