Annual Visitation of the Future Salesians.

Rev. Fr. Provincial welcomed by the savio's.

Rev. Fr. Provincial welcomed by the savio’s.

Azimganj: In the happy and joyful mood of Christmas and new year, the provincial of Kolkata came to visit Savio Bhavan[ the formation house of Kolkata province] on 13th of January 2013. The staff members of Savio Bhavan along with aspirants and pre-novices were really glad to have him in their midst. He was like living Don Bosco, who had come to visit the future Salesians of the congregation.

He was welcomed warmly by the community members of  Savio Bhavan and then they sang a welcome song for him. Meanwhile each members’ joy and happiness was doubled by the short visit of Fr. Jose[ the vice-provincial of Kolkata]. Community was really lucky to have both provincial and vice-provincial. This was the first time that both of them were present together in Savio Bhavan. His main purpose for visiting the community is to see how the Salesian conferrers of Kolkata are working in this formation house. He stayed in our community for four days. During his stay he presided over the Eucharistic celebration every day for the community, as well as for the two different courses, PNC and 1st years. His homily and goodnight talks were really inspiring ones. “I was truly fortunate enough to meet him and talked with him personally about my vocational journey on religious life”, expressed by one of the community members.

His presence was felt and touched by every member of the community and even by the non-teaching staff, cooks and farm workers.



images (17)Azimganj (James Ekka): We the PNC and first year brothers went for our Christmas holidays on 11th December. This year both the courses went for holidays together. Usually first years go for holidays during the month of February, but this year they too went for holidays with PNC brothers.

During our holidays Fr. Rector and Br. Arvind visited our houses. Our holiday got over on 4th of January and we came back to our community and resumed our daily activities from 5th of January onwards.

Great Day in Bethlehem

Baby Jesus in the Chapel.

Baby Jesus in the Chapel.

Savioites in pose before a crip.

Savioites in pose before a crip.

Fr. K.U Mathew & Fr. Diamond in Savio Bhavan.

Fr. K.U Mathew & Fr. Diamond in Savio Bhavan.

Fr. Prabhu Recieving his Christmas gift.

Fr. Prabhu Recieving his Christmas gift.

Azimganj: We the community of Savio Bhavan celebrated our Christmas gathering on 10th of December 2012 the day before we went for Christmas vacation. We had a small cultural programme where various items were staged by the Aspirants and Pre-Novices. We sang carols according to      various culture and custom. We had Fr. Diamond and Fr. K.U Mathew from Delhi province as our guest. At the end we had the distribution of funny gifts as well as the Christmas gifts by Fr. Dean. The programme concluded with the message of Fr. Rector and a community Photo before the Crip.

Savioites head towards Behrampore to express their faith.

The Pre-Novices and the Aspirants of the Savio Bhavan along with Fr. Rector and Br. Assistant moved out of Savio Bhavan for the church of Mary help of Christians in Behrampore for the Annual Eucharistic procession on 2nd of December.The Savioites reached quite early so that they could have some time for seeing a new parish and its surroundings. The Holy Eucharist began at 2 O’clock which was presided over by His Holiness Rt. Rev. Joseph Gomes, the Bishop of Krishnagar. It was also a day kept for the reception of the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. There were 20 young people receiving Holy Communion and 14 received Confirmation. His holiness spoke about the need of deeper faith and devotion to the sacraments and our fidelity to it. The church was packed with the faithful of near and far villages of the parish. There were many priests from nearby parishes.

After the Holy Mass the procession began from the parish and took its route along the YMCA ground going to the Rabindra Sadan and returning back along the SP Bungalow. There was variety in ways of our expression of our faith to our lord Jesus by means of religious dances, Bhajans, music, rosary prayers and hymns in various languages. It was a perfect expression of our faith. The Savioites were behind the Blessed Sacrament saying their prayers and singing hymns.

Finally the procession concluded in the parish compound with a small talk by the Parish Priest of Chapra, who very nicely presented the theme of faith and the problem of Christians in expressing their true faith in Jesus Christ. His Holiness gave us the final Blessing and a vote of thanks was read which was concluded with light refreshment.

Priest inspires boy to join pre-novitiate

Pinku Peter with an ever smiling face.

AZIMGANJ, (Mohan Kisku) — Peter Pinku Ansari alumnus of Don Bosco School Bandel though born in Kolkata belongs to the parish of the historical Marian Shrine at Ranaghat. Hailing from a Bengali family of Don Bosco Para, Peter, 19 years old, has his parents as well as four brothers and two sisters. He lost his eldest brother two years ago.

Peter and his school friends joined a vocation camp in Krishnagar and got selected to go to the Aspirantate at Savio Bhavan. As many of his friends left the Aspirantate, Peter also found it difficult and miserable to continue his vocation to follow Christ.

It was then, to his good fortune, that Peter met a priest (name with held) at Bandel with whom he started sharing about his life. After talking to the priest, Peter felt satisfied and got peace. The priest also motivated him to go ahead in his Salesian Vocation.

“My desire now is to give peace to others by taking care of those who have lost meaning in their lives and have bad attitudes,” says Peter who plays tabla, football and is an avid reader of story books.

Peter says, “I want to bring young people to Christ by listening to their problems and suffering of life which they are going through in their day to day life.”

Peter insists, ‘In this life nothing satisfies one but only Jesus who gives peace and can satisfy our souls.’

Describing Peter, a fellow candidate Johny Soren says, “He is very simple, humble and frank in sharing with his friends.”

Superman joins Salesian Pre-Novitiate

Mohan  kisku, the Superman

AZIMGANJ, (Pinku Peter Ansari) – His companions call him superman. Mohan Martin Kisku from Bandel Salesian parish is a Santhal from Moralpur village in Hooghly district, West Bengal. The 19 year old has three brothers, two sisters and a widowed mother. Mohan had his studies at St John’s School Bandel (first and oldest Bengali medium school in Hooghly district).

Mohan had his first contact with Salesians in 1999 when he joined the Salesian run St John’s School and boarding.

“Being in the Salesian boarding from childhood onwards, I came across many Salesians,” says Mohan. “Seeing the goodness they had towards the people such as loving, kindness and generosity, I got inspired and joined the seminary to become one like them.”

Expressing his apostolic desire Mohan says, “As a Salesian, my ultimate goal is to be with youngsters and help them to experience the love of Christ thus building up a strong faith in Christ and lead them to the feet of Mother Mary.”

Mohan recalls his most memorable day saying, “Visitation of Don Bosco’s Relic last year – preparation was taking place in such a nice way which I had never seen and experienced, being in the welcome crowd and being with Don Bosco made me feel that our Father was among us. It strengthened my faith as well as my vocation.”

One of his companions, pre-novice Laxmiram Marandi describes Mohan as, “intelligent and a good player who is devoted to prayer life. He is loving, kind, generous to others, good comedian, hard working, “superman” and responsible.”

Athlete, musician and dancer wants to be priest

Athlete, musician and dancer -Arpan Munda

AZIMGANJ, (Augustine Toppo) – Arpan Munda is good at sports, music and dancing. His favourite subject for study is English language. Arpan, 19 years old, plays volley ball and guitar. At school he stood first in 600 mt race and long jump and was an “A” grade dancer. Now he has joined the Salesians of Don Bosco pre-novitiate to become a priest.

“As a Salesian priest I want to work for youth because they are the powerful strength of society and to glorify God,” says Arpan Munda recalling Jesus Youth celebration at Bandel, as his most memorable event in life.

“Arpan is very much interested in his vocation and has determination to achieve his goal in his life. He is sociable with his superiors and with his companions, devoted to duties or tasks assigned to him. He is also a man of sports and cheerful.” says Fr. Rector of Savio Bhavan Fr Samuel Mondol.

“I get lots of inspiration from Salesian priests, and the hard work they do. They do not have any selfish motivations,” says Arpan who spent six years in the boarding.

“When I was studying in primary school, I used to observe the Salesian priests, boarding boys and girls. I found them very smart and cheerful. I started thinking what makes them so happy, and got inspiration to go to Don Bosco boarding and to find out even though my parents did not want me to go as I was the only one at home,” recalls Arpan narrating his vocation story.

Arpan’s first contact with Salesians was with Fr V.L. Paul then director of St Albert’s Boarding and parish priest of Monsadah, in North 24 Parganas, a parish on the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Belonging to Scheduled Tribe from Srimantopur village under Gopal Nagar Police Station in North 24 Parganas dist of West Bengal, Arpan did his schooling at Genrapota High school staying at Monsada boarding. He completed pre-college studies fromDonBoscoSchool, Bandel.