Annual Visitation of the Future Salesians.

Rev. Fr. Provincial welcomed by the savio's.

Rev. Fr. Provincial welcomed by the savio’s.

Azimganj: In the happy and joyful mood of Christmas and new year, the provincial of Kolkata came to visit Savio Bhavan[ the formation house of Kolkata province] on 13th of January 2013. The staff members of Savio Bhavan along with aspirants and pre-novices were really glad to have him in their midst. He was like living Don Bosco, who had come to visit the future Salesians of the congregation.

He was welcomed warmly by the community members of  Savio Bhavan and then they sang a welcome song for him. Meanwhile each members’ joy and happiness was doubled by the short visit of Fr. Jose[ the vice-provincial of Kolkata]. Community was really lucky to have both provincial and vice-provincial. This was the first time that both of them were present together in Savio Bhavan. His main purpose for visiting the community is to see how the Salesian conferrers of Kolkata are working in this formation house. He stayed in our community for four days. During his stay he presided over the Eucharistic celebration every day for the community, as well as for the two different courses, PNC and 1st years. His homily and goodnight talks were really inspiring ones. “I was truly fortunate enough to meet him and talked with him personally about my vocational journey on religious life”, expressed by one of the community members.

His presence was felt and touched by every member of the community and even by the non-teaching staff, cooks and farm workers.


Group Integration for P.N.C

Group blending of PNC’s by Fr.P.T.Matthew,SDB

AZIMGANJ, (Saurav Mondol)–We the pre-novices of Savio Bhavan had Group integration course last week. It started of 18th June which was animated by Rev.Fr. P.T .Matthew Sdb. It was of six days course which we attended. The course was based on self awareness and building friendship.

On the first day we had sharing of our lives and difficulties which we came across. On the 4th day we had a session on basic life positions. Through which we came to know that every child adopts a life stance for life position about himself and other people.  This stance may involve a position of self acceptance (I am OK), or a position of self-rejection (I am not OK) and towards others an attitude of acceptance (you are OK) or rejections (you are not OK).

Basic life positions involve feelings that peoples have about themselves and others that are feelings permanently recorded in the early life. These four basic positions describe the predominant attitudes of people towards themselves and others. They indicate a stance towards life as a whole and not necessarily a person’s particular feeling at one moment or the other. On 5th day we had a session on the journey towards self-discovery which helped us to discover the followings: who am I? Who is the real ‘ME’? How can I know the ‘real me’? Let us start the journey to self discovery. There are five levels of crossing at which we must stop. On the 6ht day we had an evaluation of the course and we concluded it with by a thanksgiving adoration service.

“I felt extremely happy the way you all responded. It was my first attempt for the group integration course” said Fr. P.T. Mathew. “It was very enriching experience which made me aware of myself”, voiced Bernard Mardy. “It was really a wonderful experience through which I came to know more about others and how to live with others” said Peter Ansari. “It was life touching experience for me. It helped me to see my different qualities and I changed negative qualities in order to develop my future life,” said Agustine Toppo.